Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Why do you use digital music files?  What happens if you experience equipment failure?  Is your music library legal?  How many DJs do you have?  Do you contract out your services?  What experience do you have?  Are you insured?  What type of apparel do you wear?  Do you charge extra for setup and tear down time?  Can I provide you with a list of songs I want played at my event?  Do you play songs that my guests request?  Do you have a wireless microphone? If so, do you charge extra to provide one?  How far will you travel?  We like what you have to offer, how do we book?  Do you accept credit cards?  Some DJs say they have 30,000 songs. Do you have that many?  Do you offer an installment plan?  What is your cancellation policy?  Your rates seem to be higher than some other DJs. Why do you charge more for your services?  Tips to Remember When Hiring A DJ:  

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