Want a FREE School Dance? ASK US HOW! Infinity Audio will make your school dance the best yet! We have the most options to make your dance or prom special!
Requests? ABSOLUTELY!!
You can even pick all the music for your dance with our ONLINE REQUESTS! Each dance sponsor is assigned a group login that allows every student to make requests before the dance. Now there's no more standing in line at the DJ booth while you should be dancing!!

Have you ever been to a dance silenced by equipment failure?
It's NO FUN and a large reason I became a DJ!! When my Senior Prom was silent for over an hour, because our "DJ" blew an amplifier and didn't carry a backup, I found my calling. You'll remember your school dances years after graduation, so don't trust those memories with any DJ. Make the wrong choice, and you could be remembering your dance for the wrong reasons.

Our hottest option is VIDEO DANCES with MTV style music videos and dancefloor shots on up to THREE screens:
you choose 6 foot, 8 foot, or 10 foot projection screens!

Middle schools are boosting ticket sales with the addition of our video game and karaoke services. Who'da thought you be playing Guitar Hero at a school dance?! Now you can!!

We know that school dances are held in an effort to raise money, so we have discount our standard rates for school organizations!

Middle School Dances - As low as $300.00 each
High School Dances - As low as $450.00 each
Video Dances - As low as $650.00 each

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